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Silent Legion Goes Live on

Aug 31, 2017

U.S.A. –-( While Silent Legion is best known for its world-class suppressors, the company also offers quick-detach flash hiders and suppressor covers, all of which are now available – without a waiting period or a $200 tax stamp – at

Founded in 2000, is a powerhouse online retailer of optics, sporting and tactical gear and shooting accessories. OpticsPlanet services law enforcement and governmental agencies, as well as civilians with all levels of shooting and hunting experience.


Silent Legion Goes Live on

“OpticsPlanet is well known for their superior customer service and top-notch order fulfillment capabilities,” said Ed Schoppman, Silent Legion's Guy in Charge. “They're a lot of fun to work with and we're happy that they added our flash hiders and suppressor covers to their product lines.”

Silent Legion quick-detach flash hiders are made in the USA from solid stainless steel, and come with keyed locking lugs and high-precision class 2B threads to ensure secure and consistent lockup for suppressors that are compatible with the quarter-turn, Bi-Lock design. They are available in the 2 most common patterns for threaded barrels: 1/2″-28 (Model QD-5) and 5/8″-24 (Model QD-7).

Naturally Silent Legion's suppressor covers are made in the USA and offer multiple benefits: They protect your silencer from scratches and dings, and they protect yourself and your gear from getting burned by the heat generated by rapid or sustained shooting. In addition, they reduce the heat “mirage” coming off of a suppressor, which translates into a clearer sight picture, better target acquisition and greater accuracy when it's needed most. Silent Legion suppressor covers come in two lengths, two temperature ratings, and a variety of tactical/hunting colors. The carbon fiber inner sleeve, 1000D Cordura outer, and steel strap buckles on the SC series of covers is a great heat-resistant combination. The HC series offers even higher levels of heat protection through the addition of a separate fiberglass/silicone layer.

Silent Legion is a veteran-owned business with a no-compromise attitude in both product and personal integrity. The company's staff are long-time firearms industry professionals who understand the needs of shooters and hunters, and are committed to customer service and only the highest-quality products.

Embrace the Silence.

About Silent Legion

Silent Legion is a veteran-owned business with a no-compromise attitude in both product and personal integrity. When we give you our word, it's a guarantee. We are long-time firearms industry professionals, and understand the needs of the military and law enforcement, as well as the needs of shooters and hunters. We've been delivering cutting edge gun and accessory designs for decades and take a lot of pride in staying ahead of the pack. Our name underlines our core philosophy and stands for strength, honor and a belief in helping others. That's what we bring to discriminating users everywhere.

Our products

A bit of background...
We have so many decades of firearms industry and design experience that we have lost count, and now we bring that experience to discriminating shooters like you. Silent Legion products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that's ISO 9001 certified. That means there is a guaranteed level of manufacturing consistency that is rare among suppressor makers.


Just a few of the many good reasons:

  • Suppressors help save everyone’s hearing.
  • Suppressors are the courteous way to shoot.
  • They significantly reduce recoil.
  • Suppressors enable much faster follow-up shots.
  • Bottom line—They’re a boatload of fun for all ages.


Our business is based on a commitment to honor and integrity, and the products we bring to you are made to certified, exacting standards that come with a lifetime warranty. It's a level of performance that few suppressor manufacturers can equal. Whatever you need with your Silent Legion suppressor, whether it's a QD mount, a tool, or both; it comes with your purchase. It doesn't matter if you're a dealer or end-user, we are here to serve your needs. Period.

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