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Silent Legion Suppressors | SHOT 2017

Jan 21, 2017

Even with two full days at SHOT, I wasn’t able to get around to everyone on my list. One of those missed opportunities was Silent Legion Suppressors, an Oak Ridge, North Carolina based company with an impressive lineup of calibers and mounting systems for almost any host weapon.

With the Hearing Protection Act gaining steam as well as mainstream media attention, I fully expect, and hope, additional suppressor companies to make their way into the marketplace. Whether some will have the quality and service to stay is another question all together.

Take a look at some of Silent Legion’s options below. And don’t forget to join the American Suppressor Association – an organization helping to pass the HPA and promote the responsible use of suppressors.




Silent Legion is a veteran-owned business dedicated to premium suppressors that exceed the performance demands of uncompromising shooters. With suppressor ownership now legal in 42 states, the popularity and demand for high-quality suppressors has never been greater.

Silent Legion offers several innovative options, and goes the extra mile by including all of the accessories and tools that you need as part of your suppressor purchase. The Multi-Cal system, which comes complete with everything to shoot suppressed on a 5.56mm, 300 BLK or a 7.62 NATO firearm, provides the option of either direct-thread or quick-detach mounts. In addition, there are several other quick-detach and direct-thread suppressor models for everything from rimfire to .338 Lapua Magnum, some with the suppressor retention system and others with removable cores. Silent Legion also offers several handgun suppressors that are slim, lightweight and offer amazing sound reduction.

“Silent Legion is based on some rock-solid principles,” said Ed Schoppman, the founder of the company. “We have a no-compromise attitude in both our products and our personal integrity, which means that our word is your guarantee. We are committed to advancing the cause of making suppressors mainstream and more available to law-abiding citizens everywhere.”

The Silent Legion suppressor line is manufactured at a state-of-the-art, 25,000 sq. ft., ISO 9001-certified facility owned by the highly accomplished suppressor pioneer Greg Latka. The factory is ISO 9001 certified, which is a rarity in the suppressor industry. “Greg has been manufacturing suppressors since 1985 with an unwavering focus on manufacturing consistency and quality control making this facility an ideal location for the production of Silent Legion suppressors,” stated Schoppman.

Our products

A bit of background...
We have so many decades of firearms industry and design experience that we have lost count, and now we bring that experience to discriminating shooters like you. Silent Legion products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that's ISO 9001 certified. That means there is a guaranteed level of manufacturing consistency that is rare among suppressor makers.


Just a few of the many good reasons:

  • Suppressors help save everyone’s hearing.
  • Suppressors are the courteous way to shoot.
  • They significantly reduce recoil.
  • Suppressors enable much faster follow-up shots.
  • Bottom line—They’re a boatload of fun for all ages.


Our business is based on a commitment to honor and integrity, and the products we bring to you are made to certified, exacting standards that come with a lifetime warranty. It's a level of performance that few suppressor manufacturers can equal. Whatever you need with your Silent Legion suppressor, whether it's a QD mount, a tool, or both; it comes with your purchase. It doesn't matter if you're a dealer or end-user, we are here to serve your needs. Period.

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